why you shouldn’t wait

I know, the first thing that would come to mind is waiting for someone you have a romantic relationship with. But no, this isn’t necessarily about a lover. “He/she” can refer to a friend, a group of people, or even a pet. Curious? Read on. (Just a disclaimer: this is all just in my opinion and I don’t mean to speak on everyone’s behalf. All people think and act differently so some people may agree or disagree with me). Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t wait.

  •  You don’t need him/her anymore.

If you feel like all he/she does is bring you down instead of push you up and cheer you on, you don’t need him/her anymore. You shouldn’t wait for him/her. 

  • He/she doesn’t make you happy.

If all he/she does is make you feel bad, then what’s the point? One reason why people are meant to be in your life is to make you happy, and if he/she doesn’t do that, you shouldn’t wait.

  • You can’t make him/her love you.

You can’t force people to feel a certain way. If he/she doesn’t show you the love that you deserve, then you shouldn’t wait. 

  • He/she doesn’t let you know why he/she left.

If people just go without leaving you a reason why, you shouldn’t wait. Just knowing he/she won’t even make an effort to tell you why he/she left shows you how much he/she doesn’t want you in your life anymore.  

  • He/she makes you feel worthless or unwanted.

Similar to the first point, if all someone does is make you feel bad about being yourself, if he/she makes you feel like you don’t deserve him/her, then you shouldn’t wait.

  • He/she makes you feel guilty for trying to be there for him/her.

If all you want to do is be there for him/her and he/she acts like he/she doesn’t want your company, then again — what’s the point? Your company will be cherished way more somewhere else. You shouldn’t wait for him/her.

  • He’s/she’s holding you back.

If he/she doesn’t support your decisions and holds you back from reaching your goals, hopes, and dreams, then he/she is just toxic. You shouldn’t wait for him/her. 

  • It’s for your/his/her own good.

Speaking of being toxic, if you feel like you would be better off without him/her, then so be it. You should know your limits, and you should recognize when it’s time to let people go (for the better.). If YOU feel like you’re the one bringing him/her down (and all you want is for him/her to be happy, but that can’t happen with you), then you shouldn’t wait. 

Reading all that, I know you’re still feeling skeptical about all this. So, do you still want to wait for him/her? Here are some reasons why you should.


  • He/she loves you as much as you love him/her and he/she made sure you knew that.

Before he/she left, he/she made you the happiest person alive. You knew that even though he/she would leave, there’s no way he/she would leave things just like that. You should wait. 

  • You’re sure he/she will find a way back into your life.

Knowing how he/she was or how he/she acted towards you before he/she left, you knew how much he/she loves you. Things happen for a reason, and maybe this time was just to teach you a lesson. Learn that first, then wait. 

  • He/she puts as much effort in as you do.

You never felt like you were the one putting more effort in the friendship or relationship. You felt like you both (or all, if this is referring to a group of people) put in enough effort to keep the relationship or friendship going. You wouldn’t want to lose him/her, so why not wait?

  • If you push him/her away (and that’s why he/she left) but he/she still wants to come back to you.

Just knowing he/she would do that shows how much effort he/she puts in making you happy and how much he/she values your company. Stop pushing him/her away.

  • He/she has been with you through everything (this is just another phase, you’ll get through it).

He/she has been with you through all your ups and downs and helped you get through them. He/she keeps you sane and it would be so weird not to have him/her in your life! This is just one other thing you’ll get through, so just wait for him/her.

  • He/she is just going to the bathroom.

Maybe your dog or cat just went to use the toilet. Wait for him/her! They love you more than anything. 

And most of all…

  • He/she would wait for you too.

As I said, people are meant to be in your life to make you happy, and you should know that you should make them happy too. From being there for each other when you need each other (and when you [think you] don’t!), to supporting each other in all your decisions and endeavors & helping each other reach your dreams, you know that he/she would wait for you too. He/she loves you with all their heart and is happy to have you in his/her life, so you know if the whole situation was flipped around, he/she would wait for you too. Knowing this, you should wait for him/her.

Though happiness is all up to you and doesn’t necessarily depend on those who surround you, it’s up to you to choose what you want to do to stay happy or be happier. If other people become a factor to that, think about how you would feel if they were out of/still in your life. Will what you feel about everything change? Would you be happier with or without them?

It’s all up to you.

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