3 hours in tagaytay: a GIF diary.

Tagaytay, Philippines is known for its cold[er than Metro Manila] weather & good food. Taking a short trip to Tagaytay, I was able to try out some new things– check them out!

Hour 1: Cafe Voi La

image1 (2).GIF

My first stop was a restaurant (of course!). I dropped by Cafe Voi La, a casual dining restaurant at Crosswinds. The ambiance of the restaurant was amazing – you could tell by how the whole place was designed! This gave me the perfect cozy, homey feel.

image1 (3).GIF

I tried out the Satay Sampler (595 PHP) which is seen below, & the Pad Thai (595 PHP) which were both really good. I definitely recommend trying it out if you’re feeling a breakfast splurge!

image1 (1)

Hour 2: Sightseeing (& viewing the Taal Volcano!)

image1 (2).GIF

I spent the next hour attacked by the dreaded food coma. I decided to just go around Tagaytay to see the amazing view and scout for Taal Volcano. The view there was amazing. Perfect photo opportunity!

Hour 3: Thrifting at Olivarez Plaza


My final hour in Tagaytay was spent doing my favorite thing: thrifting. I went to Olivarez Plaza, and, because of the time constraint, decided to just shop at one of the biggest thrift shops there — it was called the Second Floor Ukay-Ukay.

image1 2

It carried amazing fashion pieces, from shoes to caps to jackets to tops to bottoms all ranging from 20 PHP to 300 PHP. Everything was such a steal! I ended up spending 500 PHP on about 14 items. Amazing.

image1 (3).GIF

That wraps up my 3 hours in Tagaytay! Hope you keep these in mind on your next trip there!



  1. Choi says:

    a GIF diary! wow awesome idea! haha…never seen this concept before….keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

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