travel diaries vol.2: vietnam (ho chi minh)

Here is my second travel diary. Hope you like it!

The video above consists of the highlights of my Vietnam trip, but to be more detailed, I’ll describe my day-to-day experiences. 


Arriving in Ho Chi Minh in the afternoon, we decided to start shopping right away in Saigon Square. I was overwhelmed with the selection of clothes, souvenirs, bags, and accessories — from brandless tshirts to handmade souvenirs, they had it all — and at reasonable prices! Since most of the fast fashion brands such as Forever 21, H&M and Topshop have their products made in Vietnam, they sell the exact same pieces for much cheaper prices. I had a blast shopping, especially since it was air conditioned. Haha!

After some vigorous shopping, my family and I went back to the hotel to have dinner. We had Cha Gio, which is a local dish consisting of fried spring rolls, and a seafood basket — all of which were so good.

After that, we decided to call it a night. After all, we were preparing for a tiring day ahead.



This day was tour day. We toured with Xuan Le, a great, quirky, tour guide that totally made us feel at home.

**I sadly do not recall the names of all the places we went to 😦 but you can check this video out to see our actual tour!

Our first stop was a temple with the God of wealth. We were given an opportunity to make a wish and place it inside the temple for it to be granted by the Gods. It was really an immersive experience!

Our second stop was the wet market. We rode rickshaws throughout the whole place — it was so great to experience the urban Saigon firsthand. Our drivers were so nice and didn’t hesitate to start up conversations.

Our next stop was The Boat Cafe. Knowing that Vietnam is known for its coffee, we HAD to try some authentic iced coffee. Going on the boat was a cool experience — it actually felt like we were embarking on a trip! While waiting for our coffee orders, we explored the boat, and along with that, we viewed the whole city.

Our last stop was the War Remnants Museum. It really opened my eyes to the tragic events that the Vietnamese soldiers and locals experienced. The people creating the artworks really did not hold back from showing the gore of the events during the war. It was created really eye-opening and disturbing.

Before our tour ended, we had a quick meal at one of the Pho places Xuan recommended. It was so flavorful and aromatic. It was definitely a great meal to end our tour with Xuan.

When our tour ended, we passed by Saigon Square once again and got our shopping fix!


Because we were so tired from the day before, we just decided to stop by the Ben Thanh Market. Since there was no air conditioning (unlike Saigon Square), it was uncomfortably hot. Hotter than Manila! Though, we still stayed & shopped in the market, because of the amazing prices and great quality of goods.


Moving to another hotel (Silverland Hotel), we were brought closer to the Ben Thanh Market.

By the market is a Japanese-Italian fusion pizza place called Pizza 4Ps. Everything on the menu was to die for. We ordered a ton of dishes, from 2 types of burrata salad, mozzarella sushi, & 2 half and half pizzas with the most flavorful ingredients. Personally, the Salmon & Miso Cream pizza was my favorite. Pizza 4Ps is definitely a must-try when you’re in Saigon!

After the filling meal, we decided to just lounge in the hotel because we had only a few hours left to kill. My grandfather and I decided to pass by The Silverland Spa and try out their best services! It was a great end to such a tiring trip!

That ends my trip in the beautiful Saigon. If you reached the end of this post, hello! Feel free to comment your reactions and suggest some things for my next travel diary/blog post!

Looking forward to chatting with you again!


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