baguio: a GIF diary.

Long time no talk! Here’s a glimpse of my short trip to Baguio last weekend.

Friday, 9:00 am

After the 3.5 hour long ride to the hotel, we decided to have breakfast at Chocolate De Batirol — known to have the best tsokolate in town!

We ordered the Tsokolates in Traditional Blend and Cinnamon. They were both soo good!!

We ordered our breakfast as well. I had a bit of suman & longganisa with egg! It wasn’t your average Filipino breakfast. The taste of both the suman and longganisa was so unique, especially because it was paired with their best tsokolate!

Friday 1:00 pm

In the afternoon, my mom and I decided to go straight to the ukay. Our first stop was the Bayanihan Hotel!

We got so many items of clothing, ranging from tshirts to jackets to long sleeved shirts! All the nice, branded finds are here.

We were so tired that we decided to end the day after that.

Saturday, 10:00 am

First thing we did in the morning was go to Rose Bowl for breakfast. It was okay. Most of the dishes were bland, and they didn’t even have my favorite Chinese dish — salt and pepper squid! 😦

After that, we went straight to the ukay again — this time, we went to the Baguio City Market. Most of the shops were closed already but we still were able to get some good items! The rates here were lower than in bayanihan. No boomerang for this one 😦 After that, we took some pictures by Mile Hi then went straight back to the hotel to rest.

Saturday, 8:40 pm

We got back up and left to go to the most awaited Baguio Night Market. It was jam packed but the experience was still enjoyable because it was cold. We spent an hour and a half and weren’t even able to go through half of the whole market! It was a whole street long. About 3 rows of ukay ukay!! Got so many good stuff, ranging from Kappa jackets, adidas pants, and more.

Sunday, 10:00 am

Last day in Baguio! We left at 10am to avoid the traffic. We ended up getting home at 2:30 because Waze got us lost 😦 Took some pics for @panibago, an instagram shop I put up to sell some of the things I got in Baguio! Want to see what I got up close? Check that page out!

Thanks for coming along on this trip to Baguio with me!

’til next time!


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